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Australia = Future Unlimited

Recently Australia topped the OECD Better Life Index, making it, potentially, the best place to live on Earth. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, in its annual Your Better Life Index, says that - on everything from average life span to overall happiness - nowhere is better than Australia. Australia ranked near or at the top of almost every one of the 11 overall measures, edging out Norway and the US for the number one spot.
Let`s see the top 10 reasons life is better in Australia:
1. People: Australians are incredibly friendly, laid-back and fun. They are always keen for a cold beer and to chat about where to go in Australia. Our clients are overwhelmed by how many brilliant Australians they have met.
2. Variety of landscapes: Gorgeous beaches, stark red outback, towering rainforest: whatever you are looking for, Australia has it.
3. Business & Economy: Australia has a very competitive business and investment environment that is driven by its stable politics, strong economy and solid legal frameworks.
4. Education & Medical Care: We have also an international reputation for excellence in all areas of education and training, and enjoy world-class medical care.
5. Freedom: In Australia, you have the freedom to choose a path that suits your particular goals.
6. Most liveable cities: While Melbourne is rated the world’s most liveable city, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide are also in the top 10–based on the stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure of the city.
7. Food: Vegemite, sausage rolls, roast lamb and lamingtons –what’s not to love? Australia does a better brekky and a better coffee than anywhere else in world.
8. Laid back Sunday sessions: There is no better way to end the weekend than a few drinks and band music with good friends.
9. Sports: Aussies are passionate about their sport, and whether it’s an AFL game or a day out at the park with family and mates, they don’t do anything half way.
10. Immigration: Australia has been accepting immigrants in record numbers in recent years.
It is easy to see why a life Down Under is a dream for many people around the world. More and more students, workers and business people are seeing the promise in Australia wellbeing, and are emigrating in larger and larger numbers.
Obtaining residency of any kind nowadays is becoming an increasingly difficult and complicated procedure.Regardless where you from or of what stage are you at – whether you know nothing about Australian visas or think you know a lot – we are here to help.
We here at Visamagnet are creating new lives and help clients understand how to navigate Australia’s complex and ever-changing migration rules and procedures so they can achieve their dream of studying, living and working in Australia.We can find solutions to your migration problems, when you thought it was impossible!
Start planning your and your family`s future in Australia.
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