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Family & Parent Visas

Parent visas allow parents to migrate to or stay in Australia permanently to settle with their children who are living in Australia.

The two main parent visa options are as follows:

  • Parent

Subclasses within the Parent Category:

Parent (Migrant) Subclass 103

Aged Parent (Residence) Subclass 804

Currently, applicants can expect to wait in the queue for a long period of time, up to 18 years for ordinary Parent visas.


  • Contributory Parent

Subclasses within the Contributory Parent Category:

Contributory Parent (Migrant) Subclass 143

Contributory Parent (Temporary) Subclass 173

Contributory Aged Parent (Residence) Subclass 864

Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Subclass 884

Contributory Parent visas require a large financial contribution on behalf of the applicant, including large application fees as well as the provision of an assurance of support requiring payment of a large bond. In return, the average processing time for Contributory Parent Visas is between 12 and 18 months.


Criteria common to all subclasses of Parent and Contributory Parent visas

  • Meeting the balance of family test

All applicants must meet the balance of family test before a Parent visa will be granted. This test means that an applicant must have:

  • at least half of their children lawfully and permanently resident in Australia (this includes eligible NewZealand citizens who are usually resident in Australia) or
  • more children permanently resident in Australia (this includes eligible New Zealand citizens who areusually resident in Australia) than in any other single county


  • Sponsorship

Any person seeking a Parent Visa will be required to have a sponsor. The sponsor will usually be either:

  • the applicant’s child (including natural, adopted or step-children), unless the child is under 18 or
  • the spouse of the applicant’s child who is living with the applicant’s child

The sponsor must be:

  • an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen,
  • over 18 years of age and
  • settled in Australia – generally this means that the sponsor will need to have been lawfully resident inAustralia for a period of 2 years


  • Assurance of support (‘AOS’)

All Parent visa applicants must obtain an AOS before the visa can be granted.

An AOS is a legal commitment by a person (‘assurer”) to provide financial support to the applicant and repayto the government the amount of any welfare payments made to the applicant within either:

  • the first 2 years after the applicant enters Australia, if they have applied for one of the Parent Category visas or
  • the first 10 years after the applicant enters Australia, if they have applied for one of the ContributoryParent Category (temporary or permanent) visas


  • Security bond


The assurer must also lodge a security bond with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The amount of the bond varies depending whether a person or an organisation is providing the AOS.

For a Parent visa the bondpayable by a person is $5,000 for the primary applicant and $2,000 for each secondary applicant. If anorganisation is providing the AOS, the bond is $10,000.

For a Contributory Parent visa the bond payable by a person is $10,000 for the primary applicant and $4,000for each secondary applicant. If an organisation is providing the AOS, the bond payable is $20,000.

The bond is refundable after 2 years for the Parent visa and 10 years for the Contributory Parent visa. If anyclaimable payments are made to the visa holders duringthe two or ten year period it may be deducted from the bond or claimed back from the AOS.


  • Health and character test

All Parent visa applicants must undergo a medical assessment and pass a health test. All visa applicants must pass also the character test.

Common issues with parent and contributory parent visas include:

  • Difficulties calculating the balance of the family test
  • Selecting the correct application subclass
  • Failing to meet the health criteria and/or the character criteria
  • Difficulties with meeting sponsorship criteria or providing mandatory Assurance of Support


How can we help you?

We offer expert advice on any difficult issues that may arise when applying for a parent visa, including:

  • Providing the best comprehensive and easy to understand migration plan for your parents
  • Understanding the requirements for sponsorship
  • Lodging decision-ready applications to make sure that your parents are able to move in Australia as soon as possible
  • Advising on extended visitor visa and bridging visa options available
  • Getting results with minimum stress and worry for you


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If you would like to discuss bringing your family members to Australia,, please contact us to discuss your goals and requirements.

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